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Adria launches it's NEW GENERATION Adora Caravan

Adria launches it's NEW GENERATION Adora Caravan

Posted on 22/07/2020 by: Alan Jones

Adria launches its new generation caravan – in the shape of the new Adora caravan, our best-selling caravan range completely re-designed and upgraded for the new season, signalling a strong future for the brand.

Adria has taken the best-selling caravan model and taken it to the next level, with all-new generation design, inside and out. With the new Adora, Adria took what they learnt from the new Astella and created an outstanding new caravan. Adria have improved the comfort, practicality, technology and performance of the Adora, which boasts the largest in-line panoramic window available and is also the most aero-dynamic caravan you can buy’.

The new generation Adora is created by five stories. Inspired design, inside and out, with a clean new Adria silhouette and flowing living spaces inside. Adria took Adora signature features, such as the extra-large panoramic window and improved them as well as adding features like the new wind-diffusers, which help towing. Inside Adora brings contemporary living spaces and a home-style feeling for a unique premium caravan experience.


The new generation Adora, Adria’s best-selling caravan just got even better.

The most aerodynamic caravan now available, with all-new exterior shape, with in-line extra-large panoramic window, integrated lighting, storage and awning profile. Inside, feel inspired and at home in the classically elegant interior with new designer kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and atrium-style living spaces.

Adora offers 4 layouts for season 2021.

Our Adora line up continues with existing layouts the Isonzo, Seine and a 6 berth Sava with an additional central bed layout the Tiber, which is in development and will be launched later in the season..